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Our mission is to equip organizations with the insight, education, and strategies required to build a culture of equity, inclusion, and psychological safety.

About Us

Chrysalis Human Rights Agency (CHRA) has a combined 32+ years of experience designing and developing trainings and tools in equity, diversity, and inclusion, anti-racism, gender discrimination, conflict resolution, bias, and other human rights topics. Our diverse team of associates has worked with dozens of clients and thousands of employees to design trainings and resources that contribute to a culture of trust and respect in workplaces.

“Shakira and Kate were absolutely wonderful to work with. With two very unique, positive and reflective personalities, Shakira and Kate complimented each other's methods and techniques so well. They not only kept us on track to achieve the goals we set out for our strategy planning session, they also allowed time and space for us to feel our feelings (whatever they may be) and to reflect on the impact our work was having on us as individuals, as a group and as a community. They dove deep into our work, and many eyes were opened wider and perspectives were broadened because of their commitment to our success. The board and staff of Music Nova Scotia have taken many thoughts, observations and lessons forward with us since our sessions with Shakira and Kate, and we couldn't be more grateful for it. Thank you both for your kindness and compassion, and for creating a safe space for our group to have some tough conversations. I highly recommend Chrysalis Human Rights Agency!”
~ Meghan Scott
President of the Board of Music Nova Scotia

Our Services

Our services are customized to the unique needs of your organization. We work with your leaders, managers and employees to help build a culture where everyone is safe, included and empowered.

Chrysalis Human Rights Agency

Climate Assessment and Culture Audits

Chrysalis Human Rights Agency conducts equity audits to ensure that organizations are creating an equitable environment for their staff and clientele. We look forward to working with you as you strive to create an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Chrysalis Human Rights Agency

Professional Development Services

Our facilitators create and hold brave, more inclusive spaces for community and individual exploration of equity, diversity and inclusion related topics.

Chrysalis Human Rights Agency

Workforce Census

Conducting a Workforce Census is crucial in creating, executing, and evaluating diversity initiatives. The census helps identify underrepresented groups facing employment discrimination, barriers to hiring, retention and advancement, and suggests measures to remove these obstacles.

Meet our Partners

The Transition House Association of Nova Scotia is a non-profit umbrella association of violence-against-women organizations, including 11 transition houses and outreach centres across the province. As part of our efforts to create accessible, inclusive, and safe spaces within our shelters, we engaged Chrysalis Human Rights Agency to deliver in-person training on Africentricity to our member organizations. Shakira and staff were extremely informative, professional, and responsive to our organization's needs. Our staff spoke highly of the training they received, and were excited to practice the principles they learned. We also engaged Chrysalis Human Rights Agency to develop an online training module which will be delivered to our staff across the province. Collaborating with Chrysalis Human Rights Agency was a very positive experience, and we look forward to working together on future endeavors!
~ Breagh MacDonald-Rahn
Project Assistant THANS

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